BB Glow Facial

What is BB Glow?
Introducing the BB Glow treatment now available at Cosmetic Fairies. BB Glow gives the skin a light
coverage and a glowing finish. Its uses tiny needles to implant a skin cocktail infused with natural
pigment into the skin. The pigment provides a light natural coverage while also enriching the skin
with vitamins and minerals. The skin is rejuvenated, plump and even toned.

Results & Recovery
Results from BB Glow can last 6 months after the initial course of 3 treatments. A top-up
appointment can then be made to maintain your result.

Incredible results for all skin types, colours and ages
Short downtime
Covers red veins
Improves acne scarring
Keeps skin clear
Skin is plump and rejuvinated
Results seen from the first session!