Bee Venom Facial

What is Bee Venom?
Bee venom, also known as “Nature’s natural anti-wrinkle treatment ” is a fabulous alternative to traditional injections.
The bee venom in our treatment paralyzes the skin and muscle similar to how a bee sting reacts with
the area stung. The difference is in the dosage that is used. It is not suitable for anyone who is
allergic to bee stings. The Bee Venom is extracted in a cruelty free way and no bees are harmed or
stressed in the process. We also use 24k gold and placenta in the treatment

Results & Recovery
Results from Bee Venom are immediate & there is no downtime . Another session can be done
again in 3 months.

Patch test required
No downtime
Anti-wrinkle effect
Natures elixer
No injections
Skin is plump and rejuvinated
Results seen from the first session!