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At Cosmetic Fairies we offer the latest technology in laser hair removal.

Milesman Laser Hair Removal is a fast and effective treatment requiring no down time, with some clients seeing results after just one session. Millesman is the latest pioneering technology currently to treat hair removal which allows for shorter treatment time, relatively pain free and effective, driving the millesman to be at the forefront of aesthetic technology of hair removal.

Millesman Permanent hair Reduction.

The millesman is FDA approved, using 810 nm direct wavelength to target a specific melanin chromophore with coherent direct infrared light targeting the hair follicle for maximum results.

Frequently Asked Questions

For all skin types, it is less painful and more effective with clients seeing results just after one treatment.

Effective among darker skin, fast recovery and can be used for all areas of the body. Because of the longer wavelength it is safe and effective.

The diode laser is a safe treatment, however there may be some transient side effects including redness/heat, rare cases include scars, burns, skin discoloration, and swelling. We carry out a patch test 48 hours before to determine any side effects.

The whole body can be treated, with exception of birthmarks, moles, tattoos and open scars/sores, which we can work around. A full consultation will be carried out prior to a patch test to determine best results for the client. All health queries will be discussed to enable if the client is suitable for treatment.
Clients have seen results after just one session, however for more effective and long term results, 1-6 sessions are recommended.
The laser treatment has cool touch allowing to keep contact with the skin to treat a whole area fast but effectively, for a shorter treatment time.
Because of the ultra powerful cold tip it archives a stable low temperature to virtually eliminate discomfort to protect the skin.
Avoid excessive heat, topical perfume products on the area for 24 hours, shaving is the only method of hair removal allowed between treatments.
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