Breast Enhancement

Our Breast Enchantment Treatment helps to lift and firm the bust, tighten skin, and is amazing for lymphatic drainage. This treatment stimulates natural breast growth and works with the chest muscles. It also helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Benefits are:

  • Lifts and firms the bust
  • Tightens the skin
  • Amazing for health and lymphatic drainage
  • Stimulates the process of tension breast induction that stimulates natural breast growth.
  • Works the chest muscles
  • Also lifts and tones the bust and helps dramatically with celullite reduction

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How long does it last? 7 days, additional sessions may be required for longer lasting results
  • Will I see a difference after one session? Yes, Results are visible after one session
  • Does is hurt?  Zero pain involved.
  • How long does it take? 1 hour.



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