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Beauty Therapists Dublin

Here at Cosmetic Fairies in Dublin, we have dedicated ourselves to providing a wide range of treatments using only the very best products and technology available in the industry. Our certified, qualified and passionate beauty specialists have spent the past decade developing and expanding their repertoire of beauty treatments and skills. We believe that there is the perfect treatment for everyone, so no matter how specific your beauty needs are, chances are that we’re already qualified experts in that area.

We believe that beauty lies in a healthy mind, body and spirit, so that’s why our Beauty Treatments are always designed with wellness in mind. Beauty starts from within, and our team of experts are committed to helping our clients enhance their natural beauty both inside and out. 

We want you to feel comfortable and safe in the hands of our beauty experts here at Cosmetic Fairies Dublin, that’s why our clinic has been specifically tailored to be a calming and holistic environment to help give all of our clients ultimate comfort and peace of mind during any and all treatments.

Beauty For All

Our treatments are available for anyone who wishes to enhance their natural beauty, and we love to use non-surgical and non-invasive treatments. Not everyone is a fan of needles or going under the knife, that’s why we choose to specialise in non-surgical treatments; we believe that everyone deserves to feel beautiful, and our treatments are designed to help you feel glamorous both inside and out.

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